WORK IN PROGRESS…Thanks for your Patience

UPDATE 12.12.2011

I am no longer teaching at UCD, left it in July 2010. In fact, after almost 10 years of chilcare service, I find I’m fed up with bad parents. Folks who refuse to read to their children, who think books are boring. Parents who believe the term discipline equates to spanking or some other form of degrading punishment, like standing with your nose against the wall.  I have found that my goals to teach gardening have been waylaid by the necessity for emotional/behavioral learning. And I’m BURNED OUT! This semester I tried to go back to work at a local H.S. Parent&Child Learning Center (my youngest started Kindergarten) and its apparent; multiple generations of families are highly challenged in their general intelligence (sheeple).

So I’m leaving you, Early Childhood Education. Its plain to see my principles are not valued by the masses I serve. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, compromising my values for parents who simply do not care about Learning. Sometimes I fear Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, but other times I think social engineering may become a necessity if Humanity is to Evolve…

I’ll still be in the garden, hoping.


I am the mother of two boys who love to do all those messy crazy things boys are known for!  As I have been studying young child education I have found that modern children and even some adults lack any knowledge of nature; not just biosciences but also the simple joy of growing plants and gardening.  Thus, my goal as a teacher is to help the next generation rediscover how amazing nature’s simplicity is, how and where food grows, and how we humans are within nature, not outside of it.

I have an AA in Early Childhood Education from Washburn University, along with many years of experience caring for children of all ages.  I believe teaching children to garden is as important to their development as learning to read and write.  If one can develop knowledge of the process of Nature, one can be prepared for the everchanging world.

This blog simply represents my thoughts and ideas of the world as I experience & understand it. Once upon a time I dreamed of being a writer…

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