They Might Be Giants

Although this group has been somewhat controversial in the past, they have recently won a Grammy for their children’s music album ‘Here Come the 123’s’ check it out, very fun music for young children to learn numbers. TMBG also have an ABC album, music about major world cities, and lots of fun learning music that…

Garden step 1

Grandpa Poo & his tiller turned up some good dirt at our UCD garden site.  We may not even need to add topsoil!  This plot is ready for seeds, as soon as Jack Frost gets his last cold breath out!

Emerging Science: Fresh Water

This show fromVermont PBS discusses sources of fresh drinking water and what scientists are doing to protect ecosystems with technology.  In many areas fresh water is usually polluted from industry and agriculture, and is a limited resource in large urban areas.  Sunday, March 22 is the World Day for Water, please think of how you can…

Back to Nature

This article by Jow Wilensky highlights how growing up within the natural environment gives children the skills necessary to grow into positive, nuturing adults.  “A relationship with nature over the life course can affect our well-being, ability to manage stress, cognitive development, and social interaction.” Back to Nature

Food Web

Here is a fun little science game that would fit into a WebQuest for a science block in K-3.  Match the animal to its place in the food web.