Forget the Hype, Join the Fight!

I’m very befuddled with you Kansas. What is it about the National Organization for Women that scares you so? I’ve talked with folks on several occasions– politicians and pundits, workers, parents, and students. As soon as I mention NOW, they distance themselves from me. Literally. I have people immediately stop talking with me, even when it…


Common Core and Common Enemies

While we the people try to keep up, the GOP schemes to keep us under the boot. Public Education needs an overhaul, but Kansas Republicans would chuck it all out the window for a cheap labor force.

Yet another abortion bill in the Kansas legislature

Today I gave the following testimony to the House Committee on Federal and State Affairs, concerning SB95. This bill would further restrict medical procedures used during pregnancy, and sometimes specifically for abortion (but not always or exclusively for abortion). Dear Chairman Brunk, and Distinguished Representatives of the Committee, Thank you for allowing me time to speak…

The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet (mass produced print)

Stay Silent

Here’s the deal: we don’t want poor children to go to school. We have to shut down public education. We can’t continue to allow people to learn about workers’ rights, or what a Union is, or any other History that demonstrates true Liberty and Justice for all. If we can keep people poor and ignorant,…