What Our Schools Need

I shared this reflection with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka this past Sunday, and though I may have been ‘preaching to the choir’ I hope my words will encourage more people to join in the fight and Take Back Kansas!!! I went back to Washburn in 2006 to pursue a degree in Early Childhood…

My Heart is With Emanuel AME

For all the lessons we have learned about Love, Hate is still a monster within our midst. As we work to teach our children love and compassion, justice and equality, there are still parents continuing lessons of hate, bigotry, and fear learned from their ancestors. Good has to Be Good all the time. Evil only has to Be Evil once to destroy the house that Love built.

Open Letter to Kansas House Education Committee

After reviewing the formal complaint lodged against Representative Winn, I could not silence my ‘mommy voice’ and so this is the result. As my close friends know, I’m the Mother Hen of our group. I hope the Topeka Capital-Journal prints it.  To Mr. Highland, Mr. Merrick, and fellow members of the House Education Committee, I…

Forget the Hype, Join the Fight!

I’m very befuddled with you Kansas. What is it about the National Organization for Women that scares you so? I’ve talked with folks on several occasions– politicians and pundits, workers, parents, and students. As soon as I mention NOW, they distance themselves from me. Literally. I have people immediately stop talking with me, even when it…

Common Core and Common Enemies

While we the people try to keep up, the GOP schemes to keep us under the boot. Public Education needs an overhaul, but Kansas Republicans would chuck it all out the window for a cheap labor force.